With the ever increasing competition from the largest market leaders of the world, sometimes it can be overwhelming for small and medium sized firms to keep growing their market share and increasing their bottom line. Entrepreneurs often see outsourcing as a strategy reserved for big businesses, but to be able to compete with these giants, it can be helpful for small and medium sized firms to outsource their non-core functions so that they can focus on growth. Technology has made it possible for even small businesses to take advantage of outsourcing, since professionals are able to work from anywhere in the world and have easy access to qualified staff.

Cost cutting may not be the only reason you might want to outsource, but it is a major factor. By outsourcing, you can convert your fixed costs to variable costs and use the capital for other revenue producing activities. This can especially helpful to small businesses because it will help you avoid large expenditures in the early stages of your business.

Quick Expansion is possible when you get new projects. When a company is in the growth stage, the most important thing is being able to expand and take new projects quickly. Outsourcing makes it easier to undertake new projects as hiring new staff, increasing office space etc. are all things that you no longer have to worry about.

Efficiency increases when the managers do not have to focus on too many things. Outsourcing your non-core operations will help you give your limited time and energy to your clients; thereby improving the quality of your work and meeting/exceeding their expectations. This will mean growth for your business.

It’s easier to compete with larger companies since outsourcing helps small companies get the same economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large companies enjoy. This way small companies can act “big” and compete with the giants.

Managing risks becomes easier when you outsource. There are various kinds of risks that come with doing business. When you outsource, you share the risk with the outsourcing service providers. You can easily adapt to market changes, competition, technology, government regulation etc.

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